Masterclass Biomechanics of Aligners – Level 1 (beginner) Paris


Get the clinical basics to treat patients with thermoformed aligners.



Educational objectives

– Acquire all the biomechanical and clinical notions specific to orthodontics with aligners
– To acquire all the theoretical and practical bases to diagnose and elaborate prescriptions thanks to the 3D treatment plan
– Apply the knowledge acquired in the management of cases encountered in the activity
– Learn to carry out the follow up, the finishing and the restraint of the treatment
– Know how to communicate and organize oneself within the practice in order to integrate this technique into daily practice

Public and prerequisites

Holder of a dental surgeon diploma practicing in exclusive orthodontics

Skills and competences

Continuous training to obtain all the clinical and practical bases necessary for the care of patients with the technique of thermoformed aligners, improve predictability and clinical results through practice and support from trainers

This training takes place in four stages

3 two-day modules in Paris + 1 day of online study club


7 days (47 hours)


Renaissance Nobel Tour Eiffel – 55/57 avenue Raymond Poincaré – 75116 Paris

Education methods and teaching tools

2Methods : demonstrative (theoretical basis), heuristic (collaborative elaboration of prescriptions), applicative (implementation of the acquired knowledge on one's own cases with the accompaniment of the trainers)
A laptop is required as well as a high-speed Internet connection for the Study Club day offered online. A clinical support dedicated to the session will be available for six months from the beginning of the training.

Evaluation methods

Evaluation at the beginning of the course : Please refer to the registration form (10 questions)
At the end of the course, in order to evaluate and analyze the acquired knowledge, candidates will answer a multiple choices test in a limited time. The correction will be done on site.


Participants will sign attendance sheets. A certificate of attendance and a paid invoice will be given to each trainee.

Registration procedures and number of participants

Registration possible until 23.09.2022 on the website or on file request by email (via the contact section or via the chat).
A confirmation with a training agreement and a payment certificate will be sent to you upon receipt of the complete file..
Minimum number of participants 20 – maximum 35
In the case of postponement or cancellation if the minimum quota is not reached, you will be informed(-) at least 14 days before the beginning of the training

Accessibility to P.S.H.

In order to allow everyone to have access to training, we are at your disposal if you are concerned by a handicap situation. For any request relating to a desirable adaptation due to a handicap, the referent is at your disposal on 07 63 21 89 54 or by email We commit ourselves to do everything possible to propose you an adequate solution according to the disability situation concerned (access to premises, adaptation of the teaching methods and/or the animation of the training course…) If necessary, refer to the assistance of partners such as AGEFIPH (Management Association of the Fund for the Integration of Disabled People) to guide you.

Additional information

DW Training – 52 rue des archives – 75004 PARIS
SIRET 824 537 831 00011 / Declaration of activities 11755560675


€ 5900 h.t. (not subject to V.A.T.) – Payment in 2 installments
(€2950 on registration by credit card on the website – €2950 by credit card on the website in your account on 07.10.2022 )
Included : 6 days of training, snacks and lunches (information on the preferential rates offered for accommodation will be sent to you with the registration confirmation)

Benefit included > 50% discount on 3 child/teen Invisalign® cases

Information valid from 01.05.2022 au 07.10.2022 (V2)


Given for information only, the order of presentation of the modules can be modified
7 days (47h)

Day 1 : Friday 7 October 9:00 – 17:00

History check, update, orthodontics with thermoformed aligner systems
Different systems and types of treatments available
Review of dental movements and associated functionalities
Case Selection, The key to success
What can be treated with the aligner technique ?
Ideal cases to start
How to organize all work for the team ? Organization of clinical practice
clinical marketing, patient experience

take photographs
Make impressions with PVS and intraoral optical scanner
Prepare photographic and X-ray records
Start a case : step by step

Day 2 : Saturday 8 October 9:00 – 17:00

Attachments : Selection, establishment, problems, tricks
Interproximal Reduction
Auxiliary techniques
Differential anchor
Class I malocclusion
Implants, bridges and crowns : case associated with restorative dentistry
3D software step by step
Effective communication with the technician

Clinical case analysis
Revision of treatment plans

Day 1 : Friday 18 November 9:00 – 17:00

Malocclusions of classes II and III
Open bites
Periodontal patients
Advanced Auxiliary Techniques
Dental aesthetics
Growing patients

Day 2 : Saturday 19 November 9:00 – 17:00

Setting up attachments
RIP practice

Day 1 : Friday 16 December 9:00 – 17:00

Inverted bite
Complex clinical cases
Prevention and management of teeth included
Surgical cases

Day 2 : Saturday 17 December 9:00 – 17:00

Clinical case analysis
Revision of treatment plans

Study Club 9:00 – 15:30

Clinical session during which theoretical questions will be studied but especially clinical cases and revisions of treatment plans
Updates, résumé, questions and reviews clinical cases


David Couchat

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Waddah Sabouni

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Frequently Asked Questions

Les Drs. Couchat and Sabouni on all sessions and occasionally an international speaker who can share his experience on a specific theme during a one or two hour intervention.

As soon as we have received your complete file, we will send your contact details to Invisalign® so that the referent of your sector can contact you and give you – within about two weeks – your login and your temporary password.
Since then, you can create your first patient files on the dedicated interface.
It is strongly recommended to have three cases before the start of the training in order to be able to put into practice the theoretical knowledge of the first module and to benefit from the support of the doctors for these first prescriptions..

Certifying training will provide you with all the clinical foundation you need to confidently treat the most common cases in the practice.
(So that the content of the teaching is beneficial to you, it is recommended to have treated at least twenty patients before following an intensive session.)
N.B. : The 20% reduction on all your cases the first year will be effective even if you already have an IDS.

A clinical support group is created and dedicated to each session via the What's App application.
You can share your current cases with Drs.. Couchat and Sabouni who can guide you and give you their advice and tips during but also after your training since this support remains active for six months.

The training courses are referenced annually and are therefore eligible for partial reimbursement.
Upon receipt of your complete registration file, we will send you a training agreement which will allow you to enter a request for support, either on the FIF-PL website if you practice as a liberal, either on the Actalians site via your employer if you are an employee.
The amount granted varies according to your seniority and the training already carried out during the year..
At the end of your training, you will receive by email a certificate of attendance and payment that you just need to send to the organization concerned so that it can proceed with the payment of the amount granted.

You can contact us via the chat directly on the site. If we are not immediately available, either by email to, via the contact form or by phone at +33 (0)7 63 21 89 54. We will respond to you within a maximum of 48 hours..

Additional information

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7 and 8 Oct 2022, 18 and 19 Nov 2022, 16 and 17 Dec 2022, June 2023